martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009

♥ As sweet as blood ♥

~I'm the Prince of Grotesque & you're my Bloody Bride~

~We are the twisted lolitas of Neo Wonderland! Please become my princess... oh my little guro princess ♫

~Oh dear, I'm the answer! Just kiss me... just bite me...

~Come on, take me, I'm all yours ♥

[Prince Karyu]

PS: Awww Kaede, estoy ansioso por tener ese JSK en mis manos!

2 comentarios:

Jacku Lovett dijo...

i miss you so...
i really want to be with you
tonight, and forever...
your bloody bride

Jacku Lovett dijo...

me gaste muchos ribbons en el ultimo evento de pupe T-T